Notice All the subsidies are updated daily. There are two kinds of mobile subsidy in Korea. First subsidy is from the manufacturer and carrier. The other one is from the carrier aka Plan Discount. In order to get Plan Discount, you must bring your own device or purchase mobile phone with MSRP. When you get subsidy from manufacturer and carrier you can not cancel your mobile service within 2 years. Otherwise you have to return the discounted amount as a penalty. We are the only subsidy calculator that support English. This site is sponsored by Shindorim Expedition Like us on Facebook:

  • Galaxy Note8 256GB (KT, 02/16)
  • Galaxy A8 2018 (LGT, 02/16)
  • Galaxy S9 (LGT, 02/16)
  • Galaxy Note8 64GB (KT, 02/16)
  • Galaxy Note8 256G (LGT, 02/16)
  • Optional
  • Monthly budget0 ~ 150,000
Additional Discount
Expected usage